Los Natas - München Sessions

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Artikelnummer: losnatas-sessions
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This is essential listening for fans of either Los Natas or Colour Haze. Or heavy psychedelia in general. And that means you, if you know what's good for you. Why? Because this sound represents two of the planet's best heavy psych bands, that’s why. Having fun, getting heavy, and practicing telepathy. Believe me, you'll be so lost in the jamming that you'll hardly know it when the bowl is cooked.”
“…This album was recorded in a single day on October 2003, and exact this spontaneous energy and vibe is the strength of "München Sessions". Some of the tracks had been released on previous LOS NATAS records, but they were clever enough to come up with alternative versions. It's a sprawling double set, where the free flowing jams often trip out on their own momentum and despite being mostly spaced out over the whole side of the discs, "München Sessions" lost none of its heavy hypnotic power. This mixture of trippy latin mysticism and spaced-out Blue Cheer-isms is still unbelievable heavy and never sounded so good as here.”


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