Dear Friends



We are on tour again! Please come to the shows!

(and don’t miss the nearly once in a lifetime opportunity to see us in Sweden! ( and Denmark! : )


26.11. Köln - Ripple Fest

05.12. Hannover - Faust

06.12. Dresden - Beatpol

07.12. Berlin - Festsaal Kreuzberg

08.12. DK - Kopenhagen - Stengade 30

09.12. SE - Stockholm - Fuzzfest

10.12. SE - Malmö - Plan B

28.12. München - Backstage 

Colour Haze – Sacred – LP – pressing & xmas special!

I have to admit I’m not totally satisfied with the pressing quality of the Sacred LP. The cut is pretty loud but sounds rather dark. Unfortunately this is in the range what can happen with vinyl – I can’t change it and have to sell of the first pressing of the regular LP now.


For the luxury edition I want a new cut from an improved master though – so the delivery delays to march…a few copies still can be preordered…


As a little apology for all who have the regular LP in it’s not ideal pressing there will be a free mp3 download on over the holidays. Your download files will be exchanged to the improved version as well.


Liebe Grüße & Best Wishes

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