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Periscope LP
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Colour Haze
EH 002-2

Colour Haze - Periscope

Elektrohasch Records EH 002


01. Always Me 5:58
02. Antenna 9:21
03. Pulse 5:07
04. Sun 8:43
10. Periscope 6:15
11. Periscope (Breit Return) 6:20

Re-Release - transparent vinyl

“…Periscope was the first album released by the current lineup of Colour Haze. Non-traditional song structures with long instrumental interludes, fluid, melodically and rhythmically inventive bass lines, varied and intricate drum work, and long, fluid guitar lines that seem to combine the patience and intonation of David Gilmour with the purple expressiveness of Hendrix. If you have enjoyed their most recent albums, you need to get a hold of this one. “

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